About Angelique

You look so familiar – where do I know you from?

Is it from growing up in London Ontario?  Or did we go to Fanshawe College together?  Did we work at the mall, or Bell, or was it more recent?  Wait – were you at my wedding?    Hang on – did I see  you at my kid’s soccer practice?       I stopped remembering song titles and people’s names years ago – but I feel like I know you too!  Or maybe, it’s from the Cityline Weight Loss Challenge?


What is Under the Lids all about? 

Call me an organized hoarder, or a sentimentalist, or the most fascinating average person you might have met, but you really should keep checking out my blog.   I have kept stuff since around 1980.   Notes passed in class, tickets from concerts and movies,  photos, albums, Vogue magazines – the list goes on.  .

Under the Lids is the nostalgic and entertaining break you want in your day.


Twitter: @angeliquetr



One thought on “About Angelique

  1. Oh wow, you and I are so similar it’s scary! I too verge on hoarding and keep all tickets, memorabilia and such like but I try to put what I can into the scrapbooks that I promise I’ll have made. Looking forward to discovering what else is ‘under your lid’.


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