It’s YOUR Turn

Me October 2015
Me! October 2015. Phillipa C Photography

For many years I would ask myself, when is it going to by my turn?   I would run  into people I hadn’t seen in ages and they had lost a lot of weight by following a weight loss program or taking up running.   Coworkers would try a weight loss program, lose a lot of weight and look great.  Friends were also losing weight, looking amazing.  And don’t get me started on celebs.  I worked out (1-2x/week).  I counted points (sometimes).  I ate healthy (mostly).  But I didn’t lose weight.  When was it going to be MY turn?


Me January 2015. Photo via Cityline
Me! January 2015. Photo via Cityline

A year ago I applied to be on the Cityline Weight Loss Challenge.  1200 applicants. 30 interviews. 3 lucky ladies including me. I was more than ready to shed my old way of thinking, my old actions, and my old body.  It was my turn.

I followed Dr. Joey Shulman’s program to a T by keeping a food journal, getting weighed each week and always trying to make the healthiest choices I could.  I literally worked my butt off  working out at The Motion Room 3-4x/week focusing on strength training through bootcamps and personal cotraining.

Photo via Cityline, April 2015
Photo via Cityline, April 2015

At the end of the 3 month challenge I was down 26 lbs.   Since then I’ve lost a total of 35 lbs.  I went from wearing a size 14-16 to a size 8-10.   I  finished my very first 5K run in 30:45, which placed me 46th out of 358 women in my age category!   I have never felt better in my life!


The 2016 Cityline Weight Loss Challenge is now accepting applications. You have until November 22 to apply.   Even if you don’t make it on the show, you can still make it your turn.  Dr. Joey’s program will be available to everyone watching the show and online.

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