I feel bad about my blog

I feel bad about my blog. No really, I do.  A couple of years ago I wanted to learn about blogging to understand how it fits in with marketing.  So I decided to launch my own blog and share all the stuff I’ve kept since I was a kid in the 80’s.  My blog was born!  Under the Lids held so much excitement, and such promise – I’ll post once per week!     Ok, this is more time consuming than I thought so – I’ll post once per month!    Well look at that, it’s been a year since my last post.

Circa 1980.

I shouldn’t be surprised.  My childhood diary also had such promise.







I don’t know what’s sadder N.H.  or C. R.

That’s Nothing  Happened and Can’t Remember.  Please, I was 11.  What on earth was going to happen every day?  Oh I know  – a new crush.  (My boy-crush levels were epic.)  Some of my diary entries were actually kind of cute.  I’m hoping I can convince my kid to let me record him reading my words from when I was his age.

Kristen Laco of Mum Revised summed up blogging best in a recent post – The 8-Stage Life-Cycle of a Blogger.  Most blogs only last about 2 years, but many continue in a more random schedule of posts and shares.  This makes sense when you consider a lot of blogs, including mine,  are a side thing. For me there’s not a lot of time left over between work, family, and fun. Maybe there’s a 9th stage – the lazy blogger.  It’s easier to post a picture and short story on Instagram than spend a couple of hours working on a blog post.

So this isn’t goodbye, but more like see you around when the stars align for me with an idea, pictures, and time.   Until then, follow me on Instagram and see what else is under the lids.