Hello World!

Yearbox 1980-1984

Welcome to Under the Lids – a lighthearted look at life from my yearboxes.

I started to keep stuff around 1980. 

There was no rhyme or reason as to what I kept other than at the time, it was very important to me: concert tickets, movie stubs, rocks, a feather, clippings, notes passed in class…the list goes on.  Each year I started a new yearbox for no purpose other than to keep my stuff, and go back whenever I wanted.  About 20  years ago I organized the boxes, labelled them and put them in storage.

Who did 11 year old me have a crush on? (more like who didn’t she have a crush on).  What movies did 17 year old me go see?  What concerts did 28 year old me see with my then boyfriend/now husband?  What did 44 year old me do yesterday?

Take a trip down memory lane with me as I go under the lids for a nostalgic look back at music, movies, fashion, pop culture, and always a little bit of Bowie.



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