Happy Birthday David Bowie

Cassette circa 1983
Cassette circa 1983





I already had Let’s Dance on vinyl but didn’t want to just tape my album.     I needed to have the actual cassette too.   I still had my Sony Walkman I won from CJBK a couple years earlier.  I loved the way the 5lb Walkman hung off my the waist of my jeans, and the way its spongey headphones  doubled as a hairband. This tape was a play/eject/flip/play/eject/flip/play/eject/flip/play kind of tape.  It was my favourite thing to listen to when I was 14.

Every January 8  I have celebrated David Bowie’s birthday in one way or another.   Listening to him, wearing him, getting my kid to wear him.  He once asked if I was married to David Bowie.  Where would he get such an idea?

My kid and I in our Bowie shirts 2007.
My kid and I in our Bowie shirts 2007.







Today I’ll wear my Bowie necklace and listen to Bowie  at the Beeb – a fantastic compilation featuring a live performance from 2000 with a sexy version of Let’s Dance. 

Happy Birthday David Bowie,  with 30+ years of admiration and not-married-to-you-kind of love.



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