Celebrating 100 months!

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Celebrating 100 months circa 2014

Early last year I calculated the number of months my kid was.  He was a few shy of hitting 100 months.  Yes he was 8 years old, and no I didn’t go around saying my baby is 96 months old.   But I thought – 100 months sounds like a fun milestone to celebrate.  Why not make a little big deal out of it, and surprise him, especially considering since his bday is January which I think is a rip off but he doesn’t mind.  The hubs and I agreed – 100th month birthday would be a thing.

Fast forward to May 2014 and our kid woke up to a room filled with 100th birthday  napkins, Happy 100th Birthday balloons, a special poster made by hubs celebrating his 100th month milestone.  He was surprised and loved getting a present.  He realized thought it wasn’t really something that usually gets celebrated. I was trying to make this a thing for him.  Much like his Punch Buggy phase a couple years back.  He said Pinch Mini was part of the car game and we punched and pinched every time a Volkswagen Bug or Cooper Mini drove by.  I added in pat pat Fiat . I pat patted every time we passed a Fiat only to hear him exclaim “It’s not a thing!  You can’t just make it a thing!”  He did think the hubs’ booby bus was funny though.

We gave our kid a badge that said I’m 100 months!  We went out for special sundaes to celebrate and he was happy with that.  It’s ok if this doesn’t take off as a thing, but if you or your friends have kids under 9, go ahead and celebrate.  Just remember you heard it here first.



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