It’s a four-way tie!

You know it’s going to be a long week when  you start looking forward to the next weekend on Sunday night.    But what makes a long week worth it – little bursts of happiness surprises.

I am about six weeks into the Cityline Weightloss Challenge.  It’s been an incredible experience so far, with unexpected twists and turns.  My amazing gym The Motion Room has graciously upgraded my membership for the next few months.  This gives me unlimited access to bootcamps and co-personal training sessions which is just what I needed to help me on my weightloss journey.   So far my 2x/week workouts and the nutritional guidance from Dr. Joey Shulman has resulted in a 16 lb weight loss!  The road ahead of me doesn’t feel as long or as intimidating knowing I have even more tools in my weightloss belt.

My kid brought home his report card and I hate to brag but I will.   My hubs and I are proud of his work, and the student he’s becoming.  I especially like that he “enjoys taking a leadership role in group projects”.  I wonder where he gets that from?

I think I’ve seen just about every episode of What Not to Wear.  I have been watching Love, Lust or Run – mostly so I can see what Stacy London is wearing..  When I go shopping for clothes I hear Stacy’s voice in my head guiding my fashion purchases.   I adore her and ove her sense of fashion.  So when THE Stacy London, favourite one of my tweets this week, I had a day-long moment of fandom.


To have a four-way tie of happiness by Thursday morning, is a pretty good week!


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