I learned so much from Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret, it was practically a textbook for my early on-set puberty.   I didn’t have the “talk” with my mom.  I read the book, and when puberty hit I knew what was happening to me.   Judy Blume was there every step of the way of my adolescence.  I put off getting my first bra until grade 5 because I was certain I would get teased like one of the characters in Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.   So when another Judy Blume novel crossed my path I eagerly read it.  But one word confused me.  “Mom, what’s a virgin?”, and she replied  “What are you reading?”  Hmmm, maybe 11 was too young to read Forever.

judyblume-foreverForever is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary.   I don’t remember a lot of the details of the book, but I do remember this cover.





It was about Katherine, and her relationship with her boyfriend and they had s-e-x.   And I gave it a solid 4 out 4 stars.   I like how two books later on my list was a compilation of Charlie Brown cartoons.

Under the lids - my books read & rated list circa 1980
Under the lids – my books read & rated list circa 1980

I wonder if the 50 Shades popularity hit the tweens and young teens with 12 year olds sneaking their mom’s copies?   I haven’t read this series, but I would like to start a re-read list.  Forever and of course Wifey would be top of the list!  Judy Blume has a new adult novel coming out June 2    AND OH MY GOD  I just read she is coming to Toronto to read from it!!     Sorry, I’d write more but I must, I must, get tickets to this reading.




One thought on “Forever

  1. I never read Judy Blume (not sure if they made it to England all those years ago) but I too asked my mum the ‘what’s a virgin’ question only to have the magazines that my cousin had lent me swiped away. Great blog


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