Oh Mickey, you’re so fine

Vintage Mickey Mouse T - Under the Lids
Vintage Mickey Mouse T – Under the Lids

#FBF with my vintage Mickey Mouse tshirt.  Most Mickey t’s are from childhood trips to Disney, but I bought mine in my 20’s from a used clothing store.  Why?  Ask most 40+ Greek-Canadians and they’ll tell you:  Greeks don’t do Disney.   Going to Disney was a “Canadian” thing. As kids, they either didn’t go away for summer vacations, or spent them with grandparents in Greece.   I fell in the first group which explains my need to always plan to do stuff during the summer, and why I can barely speak Greek.   Ask those same Greeks if a trip to Disney with their own children is happening – and you’ll get a lot of yesses.   A week long vacation to Disney is more doable than a summer spent in Greece.

My hubs and I always said we would take our kid to Disney.  This weekend we are headed to the land of Mickey Mouse, legendary fireworks, thrilling rides, and lots and lots of food.  I’m still following my weight loss program and am getting closer to my goal weight.   I don’t want to completely derail my progress. But I’m on vacation and while I’m not having the giant turkey legs or bottomless servings of pop all day, I am looking forward to a few of my kid’s fries, a burger-no-bun, an ice-cold beer and the famous Dole Whip.

I’ve spent more time researching this single week of vacation than I did for a three month trip to Europe.   The Toronto Public Library was a great resource for current edition travel guides.  Friends have been generous with their emails, books, tips, suggestions, and warnings.  (This includes you, Dawn @moosegrumpy !)

The top three pieces of advice experienced Disney travellers gave me:                                                                                                                                                   1. Book restaurants as soon as you book your trip (Done.)

2. Download the Disney app to manage ride wait times and set your Fast Pass (Done.  This app is fantastic!!)

3. Wear comfortable shoes because you’ll do A LOT of walking.  (Done.  My footwear is going to be function over fashion which will knock any cuteness out of my outfit choices.  I don’t want to wear a FitBit because I’m already wearing a Disney MagicBand and I can’t throw all my accessories out the window.  A girl needs bangles that don’t beep!)


We told our kid about the trip on Easter Sunday as part of his egg hunt.  Some special eggs had letters inside.  Using a hang-man type clue, he had to put the letters in order to spell out the surprise.  He very excitedly guessed WE ARE GOING TO SIDNEY.   Thankfully he was equally excited when he got it right.









I’m looking forward spending time with family and friends making memories that will last forever because this trip is only happening once.  The world is too big to visit the same place twice (except NYC, or somewhere I’ve been but my family hasn’t, or anywhere you invite me to).    Who knows, maybe a summer vacation in Greece?




2 thoughts on “Oh Mickey, you’re so fine

  1. You’re so funny and always make me smile. Have an amazing time and make sure you post lots of pictures for those of us that were remiss enough never to have taken their kids to Disney. Bad mummy! Enjoy yourself to the MAX.


  2. Have the best time ever! You will be hot and exhausted but it’s worth every minute! Dole Whip’s are amazing! Very refreshing during the heat of the afternoon. The function over form footwear really does suck in pictures but the amount of walking you do your feet will appreciate it. Our trip is so recent in my mind that I am so incredibly excited for you it feels like I am going all over again. Can’t wait to compare notes!


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