Blissdom Sponsor Love

BlissDom 2015 goodies
BlissDom 2015 goodies

Attending the Blissdom conference was something I had wanted to do for over two years, and finally in October 2014 it was going to be my turn!!

I’m usually great at conferences and networking – but doing it on my own without knowing anyone was a few steps out of my comfort zone.  Thankfully the brilliant Blissdom leaders had a Newbie Lounge.  By the time I finished my first plate of nachos and salsa, I met other Newbies and together we were Newbies-no-more!

The sponsors greeted us all with open arms and plenty of goodies, whether we were new to the blogging world or seasoned bloggers.   I have to say the Tim Horton’s travel mug is the best insulating/not dropping traveller I have.  Thanks Tim’s!!