This is what happens when you want a pet and don’t get one

When you want a pet and don’t get one, you name stuff.  In my case, I decided to make a walnut a pet, and named it Wilma.

Walnut named Wilma

There was also a balloon named Bert.  If you know anything about balloons you know that they are fine for a while and can, in lieu of a pet, make a nice companion.   But in time, they ever slowly start to lose life.  Until there is nothing left but a limp, lifeless, empty balloon.    So I did what anyone would do when a pet dies.  You give it a proper send off.

1984 Bert the Ballon - Under the Lids





If you’re wondering what happens to a balloon after 30 years, it becomes hard and brittle.

Bert the Balloon_2




Of course my kid wants a dog but there is no dog in our family’s future.  But he seems happy just to name fish. RIP Julian.  Long live Beckham.

Bert – you were a good balloon.


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